Stade Laurent-Gerin – Vénissieux, France

Stade Laurent GerinThe next track in this series will also be used when Lyon hosted the Masters World Championships this summer.  LOGO WMAC 2015The events held at Stade Laurent-Gerin will be very limited events, but will include the 10,000m for all men, and the 5,000m for all women.  Qualifying rounds for the 800m for both men and women will also be run on this track.  Depending on the age group and gender, and few field events and multi’s will be contested here as well.

Fortunately for the competitors, they get a brand new synthetic surface to race on.  As you can see, when the Google satellite photo was taken, it still was a cinder track.  The new surface was just installed last fall.  This track is just over a mile away from yesterday’s track at Stade du Rhône, where a lot of the track events, and post of the field events will be held.

Full WMAC 2015 Schedule

Stade Laurent Gerin - new track


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