Carlsbad High School Track – Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad HSWhen we were in southern California over spring break this year, went spent several days in La Jolla, and then to the Amtrak train to Los Angels from there.  The Pacific Surfliner was a great ride, traveling along the coast for most of the way, with some very scenic views.  We passed through several nice cities along the way, so I’m going to post some tracks found along this route.

Traveling north from San Diego, we passed through the city of Carlsbad.  There are two high schools here, and both have new tracks.  Today’s track at Carlsbad High School replaces a dirt track that was here previously.  The entire facility here was redone and moved slightly from the original position, and was completed in 2006 or 2007.  You can see the old one on Bing Maps HERE.   The new track looks very nice, with nine full lanes.  The field events are all outside the track, in their own separate area to the south. It’s a different setup, but kind of nice because they are all together in the same spot.  I’m not sure where the discus is thrown though.  The Lancers have two home meets this year.

Google Maps Link 

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