Daily Track Pic Is Moving!

586df993-5a95-4d30-817f-eb8a31e0f4e3Three years ago I started this WordPress site, just to try something new and maybe learn a little bit about how blogs work.  I had no idea where it was going to go, and certainly didn’t expect it to last this long or grow as big as it has.  I signed up for a free WordPress.com account and went from there.  Now almost three years later, I am starting to see the limitations of the free account.  I am really limited in what I can do with the design of the site, and more importantly, the amount of storage that I am allotted is starting to fill up with the 1000+ facilities that I have posted so far.  I have thought about moving to a self-hosted site for some time and have decided that now is as good a time as any.  The move, in fact, has already been started, and I hope to have the switch to the new server completed by tomorrow.

So what does this mean for Daily Track Pic followers?  If you have subscribed and follow via the website itself, you may need to re-subscribe on the new site.  I am hoping I can transfer subscriptions and followers over, but don’t know if it will be successful.  And sometime in the future, you may see ads appearing on the site.  If/when that happens, clicks on these ads would help me to cover my new hosting costs and would be greatly appreciated.  Besides that, it should be business as usual.  Nothing will change for Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook followers.  The newly designed website will be a work in progress for a short while, but I’m looking forward to making DailyTrackPic.com bigger and better than ever!  Thanks for your support!!!

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