Stade du Rhône – Lyon, France

Stade du RhôneToday’s featured facility at Stade du Rhône is more than just a track.  It’s a track & field complex.  Talk about a nice set-up.  Located in Parc de Parilly in Lyon, this facility was renovated in 2012 as it prepared to host the 2013 LOGO WMAC 2015IPC World Championships.  This summer it will also be one of the sites of the 2015 Masters World Championships, holding a great deal of the events here.  After seeing the facility, I wish I was going to be racing here myself in August.

The main track itself has eight lanes with your standard red color.  Both straightaways have been extended and can be used for the short sprints and hurdles, which is nice.  This also looks like a long jumper’s dream.  There are two, double runways inside the track, with a sandpit at each end.  In addition to that, there is a huge pit (eight lanes wide) at both ends of the east straight.  You can also see that they have multiple options for all of the throwing events.  The pole vault runways and pits are outside the backstretch, toward the warm-up track.

The warm-up to the east has three lanes, which is really all that you need.  There are even more options inside and outside to the south for all of the throws.  There are several more shot put rings too, that got cropped out of the Google photo.  This is a fantastic facility, especially for the field event people.

Full WMAC 2015 Schedule

Google Maps Link

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