Camp Pendleton Track – California

Camp PendletonThe current trend I’ve spotted with almost all of the southern California track that I’ve posted in this series, it that they are new tracks installed within the past few years.  And that they had dirt tracks before the red synthetic surfaces were laid down.  Well, that trend doesn’t apply to just schools.  It also applies to the Marines.

Seal_of_Marine_Corps_Base_Camp_PendletonAs we traveled north on the Amtrak, we passed by the Marine base, Camp Pendleton.  They too got a nice upgrade to one of their tracks on the North Base, and got new artificial turf to boot.  This track is also red, but only has six lanes.  The lane lines are marked along with the various starting lines and exchange zones, but the only field event the I see here is a shot put sector outside the north curve.  The circle may have been added after the Google photo was taken.  They have also held the discus throw here too, but I’m not sure where.  It doesn’t look like there are any jumps though.  Regardless, it looks like a very nice track.

Camp Pendleton track2

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