Frankfort High School Track – Frankfort, IN

Frankfort High SchoolI am continuing to post high school tracks of schools with unusual mascots.  Today we are in Frankfort, Indiana.  The Frankfort Frankfurters sounds too redundant, so instead Frankfort High School chose the Hot Hot DogsFrankfort Hot Dogs.  Instead of using the food though, they have this mean-looking dachshund.  This black track looks decent enough, but like a lot of the track facilities I’ve posted lately, this one also is very limited in terms of what’s available for the field events.  It has just one runway and one pit for the long and triple jumps combined.  Same for the pole vault.  And it looks like there is only one circle for the shot put and one for the discus.  The high jump area is located on the outside of the track, but looks very small.  The middle school though is located right to the north of the high school, and they also have a track.  Maybe they use both when they practice.

Frankfort HSchools

Google Maps Link

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