Stade Jacques Forestier – Aix les Bains, France

Stade-Jacques-ForestierFrance is the next European country on my list, but instead of randomly picking a track to post, I decided to get a recommendation from a former student of mine who is from France.  He suggested Stade Jacques Forestier which is close to where he lives.  This is the home track of the Aix-les-Bains track club ASA.  This is kind of a famous track in France, because it is where sprinter Christophe Lemaitre has been training since he started in the sport.  This looks 0bf_stade-forestierlike a nice facility with a new 8-lane track surface.  Field events are located on the inside.  I like how there are two runways for the javelin approach, and that the white fences basically surround them on both side and the end.  If you are a fan of the event, this venue allows you to get up really close to the athletes while they are competing.  I’m not so sure how much the throwers like it though.  Besides the track here, Aix les Bains looks like a beautiful city located on the eastern shore of Lac du Bourget, and surrounded by mountains.  Another scenic locale!

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