Lahden Stadion – Lahti, Finland

Lahden StadionStaying in the Scandinavian region, today’s track is found in Finland.  Unlike most outdoor stadiums in the United States, Lahden Stadion get used all year round.  In the summer it is used mainly for soccer, but also for track and field.  And in the winter though, it gets used for cross country skiing and biathlon.  Built in 1981, the stadium has seating for 7,465.  There is standing room for an addition 7,000 people.  From the information that I have found, it says that the latest renovation was in 2003, but the track surface is definitely newer than that.  I really like how this venue looks.  Most fieldOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA events are found on the inside of the track.  All except the long and triple jumps, which are right in front of the bleachers.  Even better for the fans.  And this is the first track that I have come across that is located right next to a giant ski jump!

Google Map Link


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