Stadium Lille Metropole – Villeneuve d’Ascq, France

Lille MetropoleDuring my research into yesterday’s track, I happened to come across this track and the blue surface immediately caught my eye.  As a result, I decided to post a second track here in France today.  Stadium Lille Metropole is a great facility that first opened in 1976.  It was renovated in 2004, but the blue track surface replaced an older red one more recently than that.  And it’s that blue that made me take notice.  While it is a royal blue, it is a darker shade than most blue tracks.  They tend to be a lighter blue.  This one looks great, and makes for a nice contrast to the light blue in the bleachers.  You will also notice in the Google photo that there is a second track located outside the stadium at the north end.  Stadium Lille Metropole is used mainly for soccer, but it has a great design with athletics in mind.  Spectator capacity is right around 18,000.

France blue

Google Map Link

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