GSP Stadium – Nicosia, Cyprus

GSP StadiumI saved the best for last, in this Cyprus track series, and I’m wrapping it up with GSP Stadium.  The original GSP Stadium was built on this site in 1902.  It closed in 1998, was demolished in 1999, and was replaced with the new version of GSP Stadium, which is more of an entire complex.  In fact, this is one of the more impressive facilities that I have come across.  The soccer stadium is the one on the far right, and is the largest stadium in the country.  It has a capacity of almost 23,000 people, and opened later in 1999.

The track & field facilities are made up of the two tracks.  The main track is in the middle has a Polytan surface that was installed in 2007.  The rest of the upgrades were completed in 2008, including a hotel located above the grandstand.  You can see a photo gallery from the architects HERE, and the GSP website HERE.  The track has eight lanes with the green surface surrounding it.  They have plenty of space here, and with the two tracks so close, there are lots of options for the field events.  This whole facility was used prior to the Athens Olympic Games as a training center as athletes began to arrive.

Here is a video showing a little of the track, but mostly the rest of the facility.  Pretty impressive:


*Photo from

Bing Maps Link


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