Københavns Idrætspark – Copenhagen, Denmark

Københavns IdrætsparkI’m going to move north for a few tracks in Denmark next, starting with the one for at Københavns Idrætspark.  This site has been used for athletics and soccer since 1911.  The original stadium was torn down and rebuilt in 1990.  I am not sure if it is just the big stadium (to the southwest) that was redone at this time or if the track was as well.  Either way, the blue track looks like it has been resurfaced since then.  If you have been a faithful follower of Daily Track Pic, you know how much I love blue tracks.  You can add this one to the list.  The gray D-zones only add to the look.  You have the throws and high jump in the east end, with the rest of the jumps and the water barrier and their blue runways in the west end.  Unfortunately, I could not find any photos of this track, other than the satellite images, which is too bad, because it looks nice.

Bing Maps Link

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