About Me

My name is Scott Meier.  I’m a high school physical education teacher and strength & conditioning coach, and I live in Minnesota.  I am also a masters track athlete, competing in the sprints.  I am a huge track & field fan, love to travel, have always had kind of a fascination with maps, and am very interested in sports history as well as athletic facilities.  The blog combines them all!  I hope you enjoy it.

RW 2014, 1

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the info! I’ll post something soon. A friend of mine ran for the Bison, and is very excited about the new indoor facility!

  2. Hello some great photos , I survey and paint lines on running tracks all over the world, have done 3 in trinadad and tobago so I could forward you some photos if I had your email.

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