Triton Track & Field Stadium – La Jolla, CA

Triton StadiumToday’s track is one that I happened to drive by accidentally while in the San Diego area, and I only noticed it because I was stopped at the intersection north of the track, and saw it on my GPS while I was waiting.  We were on our way to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, when the light turned red.  I didn’t see any signs for UC-San Diego that I was aware of, so I was a little surprised to see such a nice looking suddenly pop up.

Triton Track & Field Stadium is home to the UCSD teams, who are hosting their fifth and final meet of the season this weekend.  This is a really nice facility, starting with the 9-lane track.  It is also well-known for its outstanding throwing facilities.  They have multiple options for the jumps as well.  The top-loading bleachers on the side of the main straightaway are nice, and the entire facility is in a nice setting, surrounded by large eucalyptus trees.  I’m going to have to check this one out on my next trip to La Jolly!

Triton track

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