Gene Edwards Stadium – La Jolla, CA

La Jolla High School, Google MapsOver spring break this year my family and I traveled to southern California, and I saw a few tracks on our trip.  Today’s track at Edwards Stadium at La Jolla High School is one that I actually got a couple early morning  workouts on myself.  The school was just over a half mile from our hotel, so it made for a nice warm-up and cool-down run there and back.  I don’t like to run with my phone, but a brought it along the first morning to get some photos.  Unfortunately, it was a little overcast that Tuesday.  It would have been better to second workout, because it was nice and sunny.

La Jolla High School opened in 1922, and is about a half mile from the Pacific coast.  It’s located high enough that you can see the ocean off in the distance.  The track here has six lanes, which is really all that could fit in here, given the space that they have at LJHS.  The track surface a different synthetic material than what is found in the midwest.  It’s a pretty hard surface, which makes fast.  There is a dedication wall outside the south curve for the stadium improvements that were done in 2000.  I’m guessing this is when the red track surface was installed, as well as the artificial turf infield.  They both seem like they are about 15 years old.

Again, because of the space restrictions and the location of the school, they don’t have a lot of room, and certainly no open fields for the throwing events.  All field events then, except the shot put, are contested on the inside of the track.  Both D-zones are filled in, but I like how they did it.  The football field is shifted toward the south a little, which results in a very large area inside the north curve.  They have two sandpits as well their pole vault pit all in that area, and it still feels like there is a lot of room.  It doesn’t look like they really had to squeeze them in tight, in order to make them fit.  In the smaller south end, they have a discus cage as well as their high jump pit.

Even though it’s getting a little old, I really liked this track and enjoyed my workouts there.  I have always been jealous of these tracks that I’ve posted that had an ocean view.  Now I finally got to run on one myself!  The Vikings will host three meets here this season.  If you are ever in La Jolla and are looking for a track to run on, this would be your spot.  It’s open to the public, which is really nice.

Below are the photos that I took myself on the first morning here.  I had planned on maybe getting a third workout on the track, but opted for two days of running along the coast and beach with my wife instead.  The views were fantastic, and coming from Minnesota, you can’t pass up those opportunities when you get them!


La Jolla High School 1

La Jolla High School 2

La Jolla High School 3

La Jolla High School 4

La Jolla High School 5


La Jolla High School 6


La Jolla High School 7

La Jolla High School 8

La Jolla High School 9

La Jolla High School 10

La Jolla High School 11

La Jolla High School 12

La Jolla High School 13

La Jolla High School 14

La Jolla High School 15

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