Estadio de El Paloma – Santoña, Spain

Estadio de El PalomaAs it turns out, there are several unique tracks located in Spain.  Soy Cobarde also let me know about this track on Twitter.  This one is found on Spain’s northern coast, in the town of Santoña.  While this is clearly not a full track, it is certainly used to train for track & field.  There is a full straightaway for running (and hurdles) that has eight lanes.  In the north section where the synthetic surface is installed, you have a shot put sector cutout.  There is also a runway and pit for the pole vault.  The high jump has space there as well.  Across the soccer field on the opposite side, I think there are two sandpits, with what looks like three runways marked between them.  The grandstand on the west side of the field can seat up to 4,500 people.  This is also located close to a school, which probably uses the facility along with the soccer team Santoña CF.  Below is a highlight video from one of there games, where you can see parts of the track:

Bing Maps Link


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