Georgia Pacific Rooftop Track – Atlanta, GA

GP blueI recently returned from a trip to southern California, and have some tracks to post from that part of the world very soon.  Since I knew I was going to be gone, I had the France series scheduled ahead of time.  The week before I left, several interesting tracks were making the rounds on Twitter, so now that I am back, I’m going try to post those first, starting with today’s rooftop track.

Chris Nickinson from RunnerSpace tipped me off to the one found on top of the Georgia Pacific Corporation parking ramp in downtown Atlanta.  I was just reading an article somewhere online about interesting corporate tracks, but most were indoors, inside their buildings.  This was not one of those featured, but it looks pretty nice to me.  It’s a 3-lane, almost rectangle track, that is roughly 160m long.  It also has been recently resurface (or painted) in the blue color you see above.  The red one below is the old version.  Regardless of the color, it’s nice that companies like this make fitness facilities available to their employees.

GP red

Bing Maps Link


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