Centre Sportif Emile Anthoine – Paris, France

Centre sportif Emile AnthoineI have one more track to post from France.  This one certainly qualifies as a track in a very scenic location.  I was made aware of this track by blogrecorrido.  Centre Sportif Emile Anthoine is located practically at the base of the Eiffel Tower.  Why did I not know that there was a track so close?!?!  The track and stadium are part of a complex that also includes gyms and a pool.  I couldn’t find any specifics or history of this track, but it looks fairly new, and is a Tartan surface.  The track has six lanes.  The is one sandpit in the southern D-zone.  There is a second one outside the back straight, that has two runways.  Other than possibly the high jump, I don’t see any other field events.  It’s pretty cool to see the tower right behind the buildings here.  I’ve haven’t visited France or the Eiffel Tower yet, but when I do, I’m going to get a workout in on this track for sure!

Centre sportif Emile Anthoine - ET

Eiffel Tower track

*Photo from https://foursquare.com.

Bing Maps Link

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