Stadium Municipal d’Albi – Albi, France

Stadium Municipal d'AlbiStadium Municipal d’Albi is next in this France series of tracks.  The stadium opened in 1962, with the most recent renovation being completed a few years ago in 2007.  The new track surface was installed at that time, and it looks really nice.  It has the standard red synthetic surface, but they also went with the green coloring around the outside and in a few spots inside the track between lane #1 and the jump runways.  The track has eight lanes, with full straightaways on both sides.  The approach for the interior water barrier is at an angle here, like quite a few of the other French tracks that I have previously posted.  This stadium has been the site of several big meets since the new track surface was installed.

*Update:  I was informed via Twitter by @bernardwouters that I missed the runway and discus/hammer cage that are in fact located outside the stadium to the northwest.  I don’t know how I missed it, because the runway is eight lanes wide with a giant sandpit at each end!

Stadium Municipal d’Albi update

Bing Maps Link

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