Stade Joseph-Moynat – Thonon-les-Bains, France

Stade Joseph MoynatI have another 6-lane track to post today from France.  This one is at Stade Joseph-Moynat in Thonon-les-Bains.  Used also for soccer, this stadium has been here since 1924.  From what I could find, it looks like a major expansion was to happen in 2009, but based on more recent photos, a smaller-scale renovation happened in 2011 instead.  All of the field events here are contested on the inside of the track.  There is a double-wide runway for the horizontal jumps next to the south straightaway.  I do not see a runway (or pit) however for the pole vault.  Inside the main straightaway on the north side, there is an interesting strip of track surface, that runs the entire length of the infield.  It’s pretty narrow and close enough to the track that I don’t know if there is room enough for the pole vault pits there.  I’m not sure what its purpose is.  The benches for the soccer teams on placed on top of it, but besides that, I have no idea.  For the steeplechase, they have an exterior water barrier, outside lane #6 on the top curve.


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