Stade du Fort Carré – Antibes, France

Stade du Fort CarréToday I have a French track that is in a location that is as scenic as any I have posted in the past.  Stade du Fort Carré is another old facility with a long history.  This one dates back to at least 1932.  It’s located on a peninsula on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, and is situated right behind a historical landmark, Fort Carré.  Parts of the fort date all the way back to the year 1553 and was initially built by the Romans.

The track has the standard, red, synthetic surface with eight lanes.  Both D-zones are filled in as well.  In the south end, you have the water barrier for the steeplechase, a sector for the shot put, and a cage for the hammer and discus.  In the north end, there is a high jump and/or pole vault pit.  It’s probably is for the high jump, but it looks like there are runways marked on either side for the vault.  There is a javelin approach marked in both ends.  Outside the north curve there is a double wide runway for the long and triple jumps.  There is also a pole vault runway there too, with a pit at both ends.  And you can’t beat the one-of-a-kind view from the backstretch either, with the old fortress in the background.

You will also notice the marina is very close to the stadium as well.  So the next time you are cruising around the Mediterranean in your giant luxury yacht and you need to get in a track workout, pull in here!  You can jog up from the docks for your warm-up and you’ll be ready to go!

Stade du Fort Carré, wide ariel


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