Stade de l’Ill – Mulhouse, France

Stade de l IllI have another really nice looking track from France to post today, with a new surface.  The old surface was red also, but with this upgrade, they added the blue in the north end as well as around the outside of the track.  It looks great.  All field events here can be found inside the oval, including four sandpits for the long and triple jumps.  Stade de l’Ill opened in 1979, and has one unique feature outside.  To the west, behind the grandstand, you’ll see the long straightaway/runway.  There is a sandpit at the north end.  The runway is four lanes wide, but the lines had not been repainted yet in the Google photo.  The south end is more interesting.  I’m not sure why they have the bulge in the runway.  And it looks like there is some kind of pad or slab of some sort at the very end.  I don’t see a box, so it probably isn’t used for the pole vault.  And even though runway it is wider, it’s not wide enough for a high jump approach, so I’m not sure what it is used for.


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