Stade Sébastien Charléty – Paris, France

Stade Sébastien CharlétyThe next track in this French series is found inside Stade Sébastien Charléty in Paris.   This is an old stadium that opened in 1939, and has that classical oval shape.  It’s footprint is fairly large for a stadium of 20,000 people.  Because of that, you notice how much space there is surrounding the track.  With all that room, they have multiple runways and pits for the horizontal jumps outside the main straight on the west side.  There are also two rows of runways for the pole vault outside the track on the east side.  Both of the D-zone here are filled in with a ring for the throws in each corner.  A javelin approach is marked in each end as well.  It’s nice for competitors, but I’m sure spectators feel like they are a ways away from the action.

One unique feature of this facility is the secondary warm-up up track.  I’ve discovered partial tracks in the past – straightaways only, a straight with a curve, and like a few days ago, a straight with a partial curve.  This one however, is the first that I have seen with two straights and one curve.  It’s pretty much a 300m track, or a full track with one curve removed.  It’s four lanes wide, and there are runways for the jumps and vault here too.  Even though it’s not a full track,it’s really nice to have available to use for competitions in the main stadium, or for training.

Stitched Panorama

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