Pori Stadium – Pori, Finland

Pori StadiumToday I’m going to randomly hop over to Finland for today’s track.  Located at Pori Stadium, this track most likely produces some really good performances, or some really bad ones.  The stadium’s nickname is the “Stadium of Eternal Wind” so you can only guess what it’s like there.  Construction on Pori Stadium started in 1963, replacing an older stadium that had been here since 1935.  It has been renovated several times, with the most recent in 2000.  From the photos that I have seen, this looks like a nice venue for track & field.  The track has eight lanes.  All field events except for the horizontal jumps, are inside the oval.  One nice feature of this track is that they have a full straightaway on both side, with starting lines and finish lines on both.  There is also an additional sandpit for the long and triple jumps at the end of the extension on the backstretch.  I’m sure this facility gets a lot of use.  It has also been the site of the Finnish National Championships several times.


*Photo from wikimedia.org 

Bing Maps Link


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