Pafiako Stadium – Paphos, Cyprus

Pafiako StadiumOn the small island nation of Cyprus, there are actually several nice track & field facilities.  The track today is found at Pafiako Stadium in Paphos.  The stadium opened in 1985 and was renovated in 2003, when the red Tartan track surface was most likely installed.  It looks like a pretty nice facility for track & field.  The track has 8 lanes, and the water barrier here is inside lane #1.  There is a double runway with two sandpits outside the main straightway.  The two pole vault runways are on the opposite side, outside lane #8 on the backstretch.  Between the outside runways and the track, and in the south D-zone, they have a green surface installed.  It also looks like they have eight different circles for the throwing events.  The track and playing field are also down in a bowl, which I normally like, but here adds to a problem that they have here.  Outside the runways and track, there is just gravel and dirt, ends up getting washed onto the track when it rains.  In this case, being down in a bowl makes it even worse.  That’s the only design problem that I see with this facility.  Otherwise, it looks very nice.

Pafiako Stadium track

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