Estádio Nacional de Cabo Verde – Achada São Filipe, Praia, Cape Verde

Estádio Nacional de Cabo VerdeCape Verde’s National Stadium is what I was actually looking for yesterday when I found the green track.  This is a brand new facility that’s been open for less that a year, with its dedication held in August, 2014.  This looks like a fantastic stadium.  The track has the red, synthetic surface, and the water barrier for the steeplechase is on the inside of the north curve.  There is a double runway outside the main straightaway for the horizontal jumps.  Most other field events are on the inside of the track.  Both D-zones are filled in, with two cut-outs for the shot put sectors in the south end.  There is a runway for the javelin outside the stadium however, along with what may be a discus/hammer ring.  The infield is the awesome two-tone green artificial turf, but the turf also surrounds the entire track, which is really nice.  Check out the video slide-show below for a better look:

Google Maps Link


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