Tofiq Bahramov Stadium – Baku, Azerbaijan

Tofiq Bahramov StadiumAzerbaijan is another country that I have not posted a track from – until today.  Azerbaijan is a small country located on the Caspian Sea, between Russia and Iran.  It declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.  Construction on Tofiq Bahramov Stadium started in 1939, but was suspended during WWII.  It was later resumed and completed in 1951.  In 2011-2012, it underwent a $10 million renovation when I’m guessing a new track surface was installed.  The stadium is located in the capital city of Baku.

It’s kind of difficult to get all of the details of the track from the satellite photo, because of the roof.  The track has eight lanes, with both D-zones field in.  There is a cutout shot put sector inside the east curve.  All other field events except the long and triple jumps are inside the track as well.  The stadium itself looks pretty cool.  Even though it was recently updated, it still has the look of an old stadium.  It just has a new roof over the seats.  I like it!  And be sure to check out this video, filmed this fall with the use of a drone:

Tofig Bahramov Stadium / Baku, Azerbaijan from Fariz Quliyev on Vimeo.

Tofiq Bahramov Stadium track

*Photo from

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