CAIC – Centro de Atenção Integrada à Criança Track – Lagoa Nova Natal – RN, Brasil

CAICContinuing with the random tracks, today’s is back to South America and Brasil.  This time we are in Lagoa Nova, which is in the far eastern tip of the country.  This track is found at a school, and has a synthetic surface.  It has six lanes, and also has a steeplechase water barrier inside lane one on the north end.  There are also multiple options for the field events here.  There are two sandpits, each with their own runway, inside the west straight.  There is also a double-wide runway and sandpit outside the southern curve of the track.  Two pole vault pits are inside the backstretch.  The throwing events are also on the inside of the oval.  The grass infield doesn’t look the greatest in the Google photo, but it could just be the time of the year when it was taken.  The rest looks pretty nice.

CAIC track

*Photo by Ana Adalgisa Dias

Google Maps Link


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