Morris Williams Track Stadium – Durham, NC

Morris Williams Track Stadium 1Today marks a major milestone at Daily Track Pic.  Today is the 1000th track posting, so I had better make it a nice one!  I’m choosing to post the brand new track & field facility on the campus of Duke University.  Morris Williams Track Stadium was just officially opened in January, and replaces the old track that was found in Wallace Wade Stadium.  I’ve been a Duke fan since 1988 when my college team traveled to Durham to race at the Duke Invitational.  That also happened to be the week before the NCAA Final Four when The Blue Devils were in it, so it was an exciting time to be around campus.

The Blue Devils‘ new track is a track & field only facility, and is part of a large improvement plan going on right now with the Duke athletic department facilities.  The stadium is being upgraded and the old track has been removed.  Other improvements for other sports are also being done.  The track surface is an awesome two-color design from Beynon Sports.  The track itself has eight lanes with the red surface.  The interior runways and the north D-zone have the green surface which looks really cool.  The bleachers are placed at the perfect location, close to the finish line and around that curve, providing an optimal viewing angle.  The two shot put sectors and the hammer/discus cage are also in that end, making it easy for fans to watch those events as well.  The only pictures that I could find were from the Beynon website, and they look great.  I can’t wait to see more photos later this spring, from the Duke Invite in April, and the Duke Twilight meet in May.  This looks like a beautiful facility, and will no doubt be the site of some major meets in the future.

Morris Williams Track Stadium 2


Morris Williams Track Stadium 3

*Photos by Beynon Sports

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