Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium – Leicester, U.K.

Saffron Lane Athletics StadiumI am dealing with an Achilles injury which is preventing me from running right now.  I’ve been forced to try to maintain some fitness by utilizing cardio machines.  One thing that I have found to help with the boredom of being stuck on a stationary bike is the use of workout tour videos.  Today I happened to find this video that drives through the English countryside, through the Cotswolds District, west of London.  So of course I start to wonder if there are any tracks in the part of the world.  After some searching, it turns out that there aren’t really any here.  I did find a nice one though, about 70 miles northeast, in the city of Leicester, and that’s today’s track of the day.

Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium is a  municipal facility run by the city of Leicester.  This track opened in 1967 with the first synthetic track in England.  The latest surface was installed in 2006.  This is a great looking facility.  The track has eight lanes.  The jumps all have multiple options.  There are four sandpits in all four directions.  The throws are also located on the inside of the track.  The water barrier for the steeplechase is outside lane 8.  I’m not sure how many people can be seated in the bleachers, but they run the full length of the main straightaway, and part of them are covered.  This is the home facility of the Leicester Coritanian Athletic Club and the OWLS A.C. Leicester.  This track is also lit, so evening use is possible here.  You can get a great look at the track and field events in this video:

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