Hrazdan Central Stadium – Yerevan, Armenia

Hrazdan Central StadiumI thought I pretty much had the entire world covered, posting at least one track from every county track had one.  As it turns out, I somehow missed Armenia.  So better late than never, here is a track in Yerevan, found inside Hrazdan Central Stadium.  The stadium opened in 1970.  It was not renovated until 2004, when it was in desperate need of repair.  The track appears to be an old, asphalt surface.  The stadium has since be renovated a second time, just a few years ago in 2012, but I don’t know if anything was done to the track.  All photos that I could find show this old, crappy one.  The picture below was taken in 2011, so there is a chance it is better now, but you would think there would be photos if it was really nice now.  If it’s still in this condition, the track probably doesn’t get used.

Hrazdan Central Stadium track

*Photo by Rade57 via

Bing Maps Link


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