Marianas High School Track – Susupe, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Marianas High SchoolI’m going to post one more track from the Northern Mariana Islands, I posted the track at the national sports complex about a year ago, and beside’s yesterday’s track, I think this is the only other that can be found in this U.S. territory.  Today’s is found at Marianas High School, and is the home of the Dolphins.  This one is found on Saipan, the largest island.  The village of Susupe has just over 2,000 residents.  Like the other two tracks in the CNMI, this one also has a red synthetic surface.  I’m not sure, but this track may have eight lines.  The north D-zone is completely filled in, and that is where you will find the high jump and two shot put rings.  There is a discus/hammer cage in the south D-zone.  It looks like there are javelin runways in both ends.  The long and triple jump runways are located right outside the southwest straightaway, and there are pits on both ends.

Bing Maps Link


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