Sir Ignatius Kilage Sports Stadium – Lae, Papua New Guinea

Sir Ignatius Kilage Sports StadiumIt’s a tropical track today, and this one is found in Papua New Guinea, in the city of Lae.  Sir Ignatius Kilage Sports Stadium has grandstand seating for 500 spectators, with bench seating for another 1,000.  This track was the site of the 2003 and 2005 Melanesian Championships, a sub-regional meet for the Oceania Championships.  The track itself has eight lanes and a Tartan surface.  From most of the pictures that I could find, the track looked like it was getting a little old and worn.  Then I found the video below, showing the track was being resurfaced in preparation for the 2014 PNG Games in November.  It looks really nice now, and being less than 100 meters from the ocean, its scenic backdrop is pretty nice as well!

PGN Games 2014


*Photos from the PNG Games Facebook Page and

Google Maps Link


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