Winslow High School Track – Winslow, AZ

Winslow HSThe track today’s is found in Winslow, Arizona – a city I knew nothing about, other than it’s mentioned in the hit song “Take It Easy” by the Eagles.  This track is the home of the Bulldogs of Winslow High School, and it looks very nice.  To be honest, the artificial turf actually looks a little nicer, considering the surroundings.  If you zoom out on Google Maps, it’s pretty much the only green that you see in the whole city.  I’m not sure I would want to be a baseball or softball player here judging by the school fields by the track.  The throwers here don’t have it much better either though, throwing into a dirt field.  The 8-lane track looks nice though.  It was recently resurfaced, replacing the black surface that was here before.  I’m sure the red is a little cooler than the black track in the desert summer sun.  In the inside you will find the high jump area and one runway for the long and triple jumps.  All other field events are outside to the north.

Google Maps Link


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