Russellville High School Track – Russellville, AR

Russellville High SchoolTwo years ago, I posted all of the tracks that were sites of high school state championship meets.  This week I was informed by a reader that I got one of them wrong.  The name was right, however I got the state wrong somehow!  The Arkansas 6A state meet was held at Russellville High School in Arkansas, not Alabama.  You can see my post about RHS (Alabama), which is a very nice track, in the blog archive HERE.  Today, I’m posting the correct Russellville track, that I intended to post the first time.  The Cyclones home looks like a very nice facility.  The track has eight lanes.  All field events here, except for the high jump are found on the outside of the oval.  The infield is artificial turf.  The 6A meet was held here in 2013 when I posted the first time, as well as last year in 2014.  I couldn’t find the sites of the 2015 meets, so I’m not sure about this coming season.

Google Maps Link


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