Kiruna Track – Kiruna, Sweden

KirunaThe final track in this arctic circle series is found in Sweden, and this is kind of a unique one.  Located in the small city of Kiruna, this track is unique because it may be the skinniest track that I have come across yet.  It only has two full lanes!  They do add two additional lanes on the main straightaway giving them four lanes for the 100m and short hurdles.  They also have areas for the field events on the inside of the track.  In the south end, you can see the high jump area and javelin runway.  A sandpit and runway are found inside the backstretch on the west side for the long and triple jumps.  And inside the north end you will find the shot put, and possibly discus, circles.  Again, I could not find any information or photos of this track, but you can get a better look via Google streetview.  One other thing that stood out to me is in the aerial view.  I don’t know if it’s just the Google image or if it is actually build this way, but the bottom curve doesn’t look consistent all the way around.  The north end looks a little better.  The surface actually looks pretty nice, and is most likely a fairly new one.  You can’t tell in the satellite photo, but lane lines are painted all the way around.  I’m not sure how much use this track gets, but like I’ve always said, any track is better than no track, especially one with a nice surface like this one.

Kiruna streetview

And with that, I think I have managed to find most of the tracks that are located north of the arctic circle.  With the college indoor season getting underway now, I think it’s time to post some more college tracks next.

Google Maps Link

Google Streetview Link

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