Ivalo Track – Ivalo, Finland

IvaloThe end of this arctic track series is coming close to the end now.  I have just a couple more to post.  Today’s track is located in northern Finland, in the town of Ivalo.  There are about 4,000 residents here, and it’s latitude is at 68°39′N.  This is a popular tourist area that is known for its outdoor activities, both in the summer and the winter.  Ivalo also has a very nice track that was installed recently.  The track has your standard red surface, which is also installed in the east D-zone.  The track has six lanes, but most of the field events here are found outside the oval, which is pretty rare for Europe.  The soccer field on the inside has artificial turf.  I couldn’t find anything about this facility, but fortunately you can get a great look at it via Google streetview from the street to the west, and the service road on the north side.  For a small town, this is a really nice track!

Ivalo streetview

Google Maps Link

Google Streetview Link


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