Central Stadium – Murmansk, Russia

Central StadiumToday’s track is another Russian facility found above the arctic circle.  Central Stadium, or Tsentralnyi Profsoyuz Stadion, is found in Murmansk.  With 300,000 residents, this is the largest city in the world found north of the arctic circle.  The stadium opened in 1960, and has a seating capacity of 13,400 people.  It is used mostly for soccer, but it does have a track with a black synthetic surface.  Both D-zones have the surface installed in them as well, which is where the field events are contested.  The infield was recently upgraded with new artificial turf.  New seats in the hillside bleachers were also installed.  The climate in Murmansk is a little warmer than yesterday’s track, so people are out and about more in the winter.  To take advantage of this, and to get additional use out of the stadium, they flood the in and turn it into a giant skating rink.  Great idea!


A big city celebration took place here in 2013.  You get a pretty good look at the stadium from the bleachers:

*Photo from en.wikipedia.org 

Google Maps Link

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