Zapolyarnik Stadium – Norilsk, Russia

Zapolyarnik stadiumThe next arctic track is found in Norilsk, Russia.   Zapolyarnik Stadium is a new facility that just opened a few years ago in 2011.  The google photo must have been taken a little before September, because it looks like is isn’t quite completed yet, and there are no lines painted on the track.  Norilsk is a large industrial city with a population over 175,000 people, and is located at a latitude of 69°20′N.  It also happens to be located in a very cold part of the world, with sub-zero (°F) average high temperatures in the winter months.  In fact it’s very possible that it doesn’t get above 0 at all for several months straight.  This nice-looking synthetic track sure takes a beating in the winter then!  The track has eight full lanes, and both D-zones filled in.  Field events are located on the inside.  The infield is also artificial turf, which makes the most sense for this climate.  Looks like a nice facility.

Zapolyarnik stadium2

*Photo from

Google Maps Link


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