Travis AFB Track – Fairfield, CA

Travis AFBLast week, Chris Nickinson of shared today’s track with me on Twitter.  And this track definitely fits into the “unique” category.  Located on Travis Air Force Base, this one clearly is just used for running/jogging and not competition.  However, the south straightaway has four extra lanes painted, and does have start and finish lines marked as well, for a distance that looks to be 100-meters.  The large rectangle-shaped area inside that straight was also added after the original synthetic track surface was installed.  It’s a nice large area, but I’m not sure what it is used for.  The entire track is the same width all the way around, but only the inside of the track has four lanes marked for a complete lap.  From what I can estimate, one lap is about 560-570 meters.  This one would be interesting to run on, but watch out for the tight corners, especially the hairpin turn in the southeast corner!  This track is one of the facilities that is part of the Travis Fitness Center.  A nice feature though is that there are lights all the way around that track, so using it at night is an option here.

Bing Maps Link

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