Upgrades for 2015

arrowtemplate 2I started this blog almost three years ago now, so I figured it was about time to ditch the WordPress web address and register my own domain name.  You can now find the site via the new address dailytrackpic.com, but the old will still work as well.  I have intentionally avoided Facebook, simply because it took too much time to manually link posts every day to a Facebook page.  So I chose to use a couple other social media platforms instead.  Well it looks like Facebook is still going strong and will still be with us for quite a while, so I decided to create a page once I figured out how to automate postings.  So if you want to follow/like/add/whatever Daily Track Pic, you can do so using the links below:

I just figure these are other ways for people to find the blog and to share more about the sport.  Feel free to connect via these sites and suggest them to your friends who like track & field as well.  Thanks!

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