Lakselv Track – Lakselv, Norway

LakselvI’m going to continue moving across to the east in my search for northern tracks.  Today’s track is found in Lakselv and is just a tab bit farther south than yesterday’s track, but is currently the second most northern track that I have found so far.  The latitude here is 70°03′04″N, well above the arctic circle.  This is a small town with just over 2,000 people who live here, so it’s nice to see another synthetic track.  It’s difficult to tell from the photo, but the infield here may be artificial turf.  The track most likely is similar to the others that I have found in this part of the world, with six full lanes, and then two extra added to the main straightaway.  The whole facility looks pretty nice.  I’m not sure what the black-gray material is that they used in the D-zones.  The high jump area also has a pretty unique shape to it.  This is the home facility of the sports club Porsanger Idrettslag.

Google Maps Link

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