Gratishaugen Track – Gratishaugen, Norway

GratishaugenToday’s track is located at a latitude of N 70° 39′ 21.564″, so in my search for the most northern track, this may actually be it this time.  Gratishaugen is a small town located close to Hammerfest.  These are two of the northernmost towns in the world.  Gratishaugen also happens to have an all-weather track as well.  Not only could I not find any information on this track, but there was nothing to be found on the town either.  Based on how wide the track looks, it is probably a 6-lane track.  All field events are on the inside, with the shot put sector in the east end.

This is a busy time of year for Santa Claus, so he probably isn’t doing much training right now.  If he does any off-season track workouts though, he might use this track because it’s probably the closest to the north pole!

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