Harstad Track – Harstad, Norway

HarstadToday’s track is even farther north than yesterday’s Norwegian track.  I know there can’t be too may tracks that are as far north as this one found in Harstad.  While I could not find any information on this track, I do know that it is a new track that replaced and older one a few blocks away.  The funny thing is though, is that they both are/were synthetic tracks.  If you toggle between the bird’s-eye view and aerial view in Bing Maps, you can see the change.  This one appears in the overhead shot, while the old one is removed.  In the bird’s-eye view, the old one is there (which actually doesn’t look bad at all), and the location where this new one now is, is some kind of paved soccer area.  My guess is that is was actually a skating rink that they tried to get some use out of in the summer.  The Google Maps photo was taken sometime in between, because both track are this that one.

The track itself looks very nice.  From what I could make out from the satellite photo, it has eight full lanes, with two additional lanes on the main straightaway.  The field events are on the inside.  The water barrier for the steeplechase is on the inside of the south curve.

If anyone knows the history behind these two tracks in Harstad, please share in the comments below.  I’m kind of curious to know what the story is.

Bing Maps Link



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