Lfk Kunstgress – Leknes, Norway

Lfk Kunstgress

I recently installed an extension on my Google Chrome browser called Dream Afar, that gives you a different scenic picture as the background when you open up a new tab.  So far, the photos have been fabulous, but earlier this week, a couple of them from Reine, Norway popped up that really caught my eye.  This place looks amazing, and is now on my list of places I want to see some day.  Check out this article with photos from Huff Post.  So after seeing these photos, and knowing that there are some very scenic tracks in Norway, I had to search for one around here.

Reine, with a population of 300, does have a nice soccer field, but no track around it.  The closest track is up the road a little ways, in the town of Leknes, and that is today’s track.  I think the name of the facility is Lfk Kunstgress, but am not 100% sure.  I also couldn’t find much information on it either.  The track actually looks pretty nice, especially considering it’s located in a small, remote town, north of the arctic circle.  It’s an all-weather synthetic surface, with six full lanes, and two additional lanes on the main straightaway.  All field events are located on the inside of the oval, in the two ends.  They also have a new artificial turf infield that was just installed this summer.  You can view a few photos of that work being done HERE.  Mostly used for soccer, this is the home of the Leknes Fotballklubb.

Google Maps Link


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