Estadio Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso – Coquimbo, Chile

Estadio Francisco Sánchez RumorosoI still have a few more tracks to post from Chile.  It’s nice to see so many large soccer stadiums that also have tracks.  Today’s is found in Estadio Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso.  This stadium opened in 1970, but underwent a major renovation that was completed in 2008.  It was during this upgrade when the track was added.  All of the field events are inside the 8-lane oval.  The seating capacity is listed a 18,750.  They way they have it designed, all of the seats are very close to the track and the soccer field.  There are two decks of bleachers, but they are only twelve rows deep, so even at the top the fans are not very far away.  The seats here, like at other Chilean stadiums, have a unique color design when empty.  It looks pretty cool.  In the video below, you get a great look at the facility:

Google Maps Link


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