Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander – Valparaíso, Chile ‎

Estadio Elías Figueroa - newUp next in the Chilean track series, is another one that is found in a stadium that will be hosting some games of the 2015 Copa America.   And like the others, Estadio Elías Figueroa Brander too, has been updated.  With Google Maps though, depending on the view you use, you can get both the before and after versions of this stadium.  The original version opened way back in 1931.  The recent renovation was dedicated earlier this year, in February.

I’m including the aerial photo of the old stadium for a couple of reasons.  One, is so you can see the location, just a couple hundred meters from the ocean.  The second track is even closer, just across the road from the Pacific, at the tip of the peninsula.  The other reason I’m showing the old stadium is because of its shape.  Notice how much grass is located outside the curves.  Two shot put sectors are located outside the track at the southern end.  There seems like there is even more space outside the northern curve.  Fans on the curved sections of the stadium were a long ways away from the ends of the soccer field.  The new stadium fixes this problem and the seating has been reconfigured.  I also like the green seats.

Estadio Elías Figueroa - old

Google Maps Link


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