Teacher’s Camp Track – Baguio City, Philippines

Teacher's CampOn last night’s episode of The Amazing Race, the four remaining teams flew the Philippines.  Today’s track is found in Baguio City.  As I am finding out, there are very few tracks in this country.  This one today is found on the Teacher’s Camp campus and looks really nice.  It has a Tartan synthetic surface with eight lanes, that was installed in 2009.  This facility appears to be used only for track & field.  All field events are inside the oval.  And has you can see, there is also a large tree located inside the south curve.  You can read a  blog post from James when he got a workout in on this track.  There are also several pictures.  Check it out HERE.  This looks like it would be a really nice place to train.  I guess that’s why the national team uses this track!


*Photo from http://www.cityofpines.com/teacherscamp.html

Bing Maps Link

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