Estadio La Portada – La Serena, Chile

Estadio La PortadaToday’s track is found at Estadio La Portada, another site where games of the 2015 Copa America will be played.  And like yesterday’s facility, this one is also being completely rebuilt.  The Google satellite photo is obviously the old stadium and track.  The track was a cinder track, but based on all of the events clearly there, this was definitely used for track and field, and not just soccer.  There is kind of a unique angle for the section of track that leads to the steeplechase water barrier in the north end.  The stadium opened in 1952, and has a seating capacity of 14,414.  The new stadium will be slightly larger, with seating for 18,000.  The new track will have a synthetic surface and it will be red in color.  You can view some photos of the construction in progress in the gallery HERE.  And below is a rendering of the new stadium, that looks to be really nice:


*Photo from 

Google Maps Link

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