Deportivo Leonidas Proaño – Macas, Ecuador

Deportivo Leonidas ProañoToday’s track in this Ecuador series, is one that took some searching for, after I saw a photo that caught my eye earlier this week.  The photo is below, and it caught my attention because of the sandpit in the background.  It has black sand!  This is a first for me.  It turns out, Deportivo Leonidas Proaño is a newly updated facility that reopened last year.  It is part of a larger sports complex, and President Rafael Correa Delgado was present for the dedication ceremony.  The track has eight lanes and a brand new synthetic surface.  Field events are located on the inside of the oval.  As you can tell in the photo below, the sandpit is elevated, and so is the runway.  There is a second pit at the other end of the runway too.  The whole complex looks very nice, and I’m sure this resort town of less than 20,000 residents is proud to have it.

Sebastian Tapia de Chimborazo  gold in shot Javelin

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