Owsley B. Frazier Stadium – Louisville, KY

Owsley B. Frazier StadiumThe NCAA Division II cross country championships will be held a week from Saturday in Louisville, at E.P. “Tom” Sawyer State Park.  Bellarmine University is the host school, and the Knights have a great track on their campus.  Owsley B. Frazier Stadium opened in 2007.  The track is a Beynon surface with eight lanes.  There are multiple options for the jumps inside the stadium.  A throws area (not in the photo) was built across the road in 2010 that has two areas for each of the throwing event.  This multi-sport facility is also used for soccer and lacrosse, and it looks like a really nice one.


*Photo from wikimedia.org

*The end of my trimester was yesterday, so in dealing with getting grades finished and entered, I forgot to check to see if my draft was published.  Sorry for the delay on this post.

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